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Skewering the gastro ceiling (click here)

My beloved and reviled skirt steak (click here)

Nice girls don't open restaurants (click here)

Lamenting Indian cuisine in the US (click here)

Stockholm syndrome dining (click here)

Women's Networking (click here)

Culinary holy grail of authenticity (click here)

CookGirl Unconventionally Dedicated to Women in Culinary: ROHINI DEY

Food & Wine: 11 Foods That Move Some of Chicago's Top Women Chefs


Forays of a Finance Foodie:
Vermilion: Bringing The Best Of Indian And Latin American
Cuisines Together In Midtown East!

Talk in NY 
Ultimate Umm…mami! At Vermilion, Business Decor, Indo-Latin Savory Meld





Chicago Sun Times- Doing business in Chicago vs NYC

Restaurant Business

Chicago Sun Times, Dey Trending Now

HCF gala

Women Chefs & Restaurateurs, Keynote speech

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Crain's Op-Ed Dey NYC

Chicago Public Radio interview

Politico video Second Acts Panel

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Chicago Sun Times

James Beard Foundation Board of Trustees

James Beard Foundation National Advisory Board

Skewering the gastro ceiling (click here)

My beloved and reviled skirt steak (click here)

Nice girls don't open restaurants (click here)

Lamenting Indian cuisine in the US (click here)

Stockholm syndrome dining (click here)

Women's Networking (click here)

Culinary holy grail of authenticity (click here)

NBC James Beard Vermilion womens program interview

Wall Street Journal Supporting women leaders

Crain's New York Hope for female foodies

CBS News Interview with Dey, women entrepreneurs

Financial Times (McKinsey to restaurants, Rohini Dey)

Chicago Sun Times (Monthly Celebrity Page)

City of Chicago "Welcome NATO" video, Dey

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NY Post (3 shining new spots)

Chicago Magazine (Rohini Dey - 50 most beautiful Chicagoans)

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Wall Street Journal (India's latin fusion)

McKinsey alum profile (Rohini Dey, restaurateur)

Kellogg Entrepreneurial Program (Entrepreneur in Residence, Rohini Dey)

Northwestern Univ Business Conference (Keynote Speakers Rohini Dey, Ph.D.)

Restaurant Business Magazine (Entrepreneur of the Month, Rohini Dey)

3 star Comfort Zone (Chicago Tribune Vetel Review)

Crain's New York - Success & failure, A tale of two eateries (Vermilion, Table 81)

Crain's New York (Restaurateur benefits from timing, Rohini Dey, Vermilion)

New York Observer (

USA Today (Vermilion's lobster portuguese top dish worldwide)

Style - CS Home Interiors (Rohini Dey)

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O Magazine (Indian women led restaurant)

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Behind the Burner - Restaurateur expert (Rohini Dey, Vermilion)

Telegraph, India (Bengali fervor on US plate)

Chicago Tribune - Entertaining Feature (Rohini's party)

Society, India (What a dish!)

The Global Plate: Indian Sunrise (Spanish Wines - Rohini Dey)

DNA India, India Tribune (Indian Women Cracks US Glass Ceiling)

Vermilion NY Opening Photos

Vermilion , Bon Appetit, James Beard Chef's Night Out Photos

(Also featured in Vogue India, Hi Living, Conde Nast Traveler India, Shelter, Business Week & others)

Mariani/Esquire (Restaurants of the Month)

Mariani/Esquire (Virtual Gourmet)

Meet the Next Iron Chefs (Prior Chef Maneet Chauhan, Vermilion):
Food Network Feature: Prior Chef Maneet Chauhan

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Thrillist (Vermilion Opening)

Starchefs Annual Congress (Mainstage - Fusion talk, Rohini & Prior Chef Maneet)

The CIA Spotlight (Vermilion prior executive chef Maneet Chauhan)

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b r o a d c a s t & p h o t o s

NBC interview Dey and Wojcik

AVS - Launch of Women
in Culinary Leadership

CBS News interview with Dey on being an entrepreneur

Politico Second Acts Panel (video)

NDTV Will Travel for Food (video)

Times Now - The Foodie (video)

Fox News women in culinary

NBC Rock Center Womens Networking

AVS Video of WICL cook off

Chicago "Welcome NATO" video, Dey

NBC video - Rohini's Vermilion takes on Global Fusion (V Chicago)

Citysearch video - Vermilion NYC, Construction PreOpening with Rohini

Citysearch viedo- Vermilion NYC Opening Night with Rohini

ABC News - Chicago Culinary Crossroads, Rohini Dey

NBC LX TV - Women of Vermilion

Today's Chicago Woman, WBDC (Entrepreneurial tips, Rohini Dey)

BBC World radio - Indian Latin Thanksgiving

Vermilion Opening Photos

Vermilion, Bon Appetit, James Beard Chef's Night Out Photos

LX TV - Women of Vermilion

CH 11 WPIX Latin Beats

Iron Chef America (Morimoto vs. Prior Chef Maneet)

Vermilion Iron Chef Dinner

NY1 - Zagat

WPIX - Vermilion Economist event, Indian Women in Culinary World

NY1 - Women of Vermilion, Shopping in Jackson Heights

BETTER.TV - Women of Vermilion

ABC - Vermilion NYEve Charity

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NDTV Will Travel for Food (video)

Times Now - The Foodie (video)

Times Now - The Foodie (video2)

Economic Times

Times Of India

Economic Times, Oversees Indians to Shine More

Business Today Indian cuisine global potential, Vermilion

India Today

Hindustan Times

Hindustan Times, Recipe for Success

Hindustan Times, Not a great cook, but I cook often: Sharmila Tagore

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